How is Assistance Calculated?

Household income includes the total of gross wages, child support received, unemployment compensation, Social Security, SSI, SSD, income from assets, etc. for all family members.

Deductions from gross income include an annual dependent deduction per child and allowable child care expenses for children under the age of 13 for working families.  Child care expenses may not exceed amount of employment.    For seniors, handicapped or disabled households there is an annual deduction in addition to allowable non-reimbursed  medical expenses over 3% of yearly income.

Program participants pay 30% of household's adjusted income (+ 100% of the amount over the payment standard).

It is important to note that the payment standard used for your household will be based on your household composition AND the actual number of bedrooms in the unit.  The Housing Authority will determine which payment standard (subsidy level) is to be used for your family.

Payment Standards

The Housing Authority pays the landlord the difference between 30% of your adjusted household income and the payment standard.  This amount is paid directly to the landlord.

These limits include rent and tenant-paid utilities.  If the rent doesn't include utilities, tenant-paid utilities are calculated based on a schedule of monthly utility averages for Fond du Lac County.  Using this schedule we calculate the utility allowance for the unit.

The rent plus the utility allowance is the Gross Rent for the unit.  If the gross rent exceeds the payment standard, the program participant pays 30% of the household's adjusted monthly income plus 100% of amount over the payment standard.  The Gross Rent must meet the Rent Reasonableness test done by the Housing Authority.

The tenant cannot pay more than 40% of the household's adjusted monthly income for rent/utilities.  This situation happens when the household is very low income and the gross rent is above the Payment Standard.

Payment Standards for Fond du Lac County:

# of BedroomsPayment Standard

Subsidy Standards

Rental assistance recipients are required to follow certain subsidy standards that limit the number of residents according to the number of bedrooms.  The following is a basic guide, with exceptions cited below.

The head of household and spouse/partner shall be entitled to one bedroom.  Household members under the age of 18 with the same gender shall share a bedroom.  Household members under the age of 5 of any gender can share a bedroom for the voucher program.

The size of a unit is based upon household members who are present in the household at least 51% of the time.  You may be authorized to house additional children as approved and scheduled guests based on custody arrangements and other situations.  This would not increase the number of bedrooms your household is provided.

# of Residents by Number of Bedrooms

# BedroomsMinimum # PeopleMaximum # People